Roof leak Repair

Leaks from the roof can cause a huge damage to your home if its cause is not discovered in good time and repairs made promptly. The water can easily travel outwards from the occurrence point where leakage occurs. Therefore, it is likely to be difficult identifying exactly where the cause could be. Here are some of the common reasons why roof failures may lead to leakage hence demanding a roof leak repair.

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Some Important Factors That Cause a Leak

Cracked Flashing 

A crack on flashing may spell a disaster on the integrity of the roof. Flashings refer to pieces of metal which are fixed under the shingles and roof joints in order to provide watertight barriers. As the time passes, wind, rain, and some other elements may erode the protective coating which secures flashing hence making it crack. In case this happens, you will be forced to replace the cracked flashings.

Clogged Gutters 

A clogged gutter is another common cause of leaky roof. They help in directing water away from the roof and the home foundation. In case they are stuffed with debris, water may not drain properly, hence giving it more time to seep in between the shingles in your home. Therefore, they should always be kept clean and secure as a method of ensuring your roof is in good condition.   

Broken Shingles 

Shingles are likely to create a uniform pattern that perfectly covers the roof. If broken or missing, you will notice the pattern is lost hence allowing water to penetrate under the roof. Shingles should be checked regularly to ensure they are not discarded especially after severe weather. 

Cracked Chimney 

There are always visible signs of tear and wear along with a mortared area at the chimney top. These are likely to be holes in mortared joints when roof connects to the chimney. Other additional signs of leakage are loose shingles and flashing around this particular region

Portland Roofers Fixing Your Leaky Roof!

Repairing a leaky roof before handling any kind of roof repair. It is a prudent idea to have the materials and tools beforehand. This will help you to prevent the last-minute rush to the hardware store. Here is how to go about it. First, If you want to fix flashing, you need to pry up the nails that were used to secure it in order to locate the source of the leak. Lift the shingles and remove the damaged part. Flashing replacement means removing a significant number of rows of shingles and the old flashing. If flashing especially around the chimney has sustained minor damage, it should also be replaced.

Replace Shingles

Secondly, If you notice shingles are a yard from one another, there is a high probability that water from next rain may cause the roof to leak. A few shingles can easily be replaced and in case the originals are in good condition, they can be re-used, although it is recommendable to use new or the leftover shingle. Check our page for More information here

Patch a Leaky Roof 

One could also be tempted to dab some caulk on the holes which might have developed on your roof. Since water penetrated into the house through that particular hole, it is good to pry shingle and fix a piece of flashing under it and also on top that particular hole. You can also use caulk to seal the flashing. Any huge hole which is likely to cause structural damage should be attended by a roofing expert. Get in Touch with us


Emergency Roof Repairs

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To ensure your roof is always in good condition, you should conduct a roof inspection every year. Spring and Summer. Make it a habit to conduct resealing especially around chimney and plumbing vents, pipes, and other objects fixed on the roof. You realize conducting preventive maintenance does not only lower the likelihood of having a leaky roof. Additionally, enable the roof to last longer hence prevent regular roof leak repairs.